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To participate in our competitions via mail, please send a postcard without an envelope through stamped mail. On the postcard, specify the competition you wish to enter and include your personal details. Please note that only one entry is allowed per postcard.

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Postal Address
  • Email address
  • One contact number

Entries must be typed or clearly handwritten; illegible writing on your postcard will prevent entry into the competition. Receiving a single postcard with multiple entries does not comply with the terms and conditions stated. Should we suspect an individual of submitting multiple entries under different names and addresses, all related entries will be invalidated, consistent with the rules for paid entries. Please send your entries to: 24 Windsor Place, Cardiff, CF3 0BF


  1. philw1949
    Ticket number: 14610
  2. Terry Kerby
    Ticket number: 16191
  3. Sian Stent
    Ticket number: 17560
  4. Chantelle Mathoulin
    Ticket number: 22394
  5. nataliecoombes
    Ticket number: 22477
  6. Mark Tatchell
    Ticket number: 23107
  7. Joanne Coombs
    Ticket number: 24355
  8. laytsdrew531
    Ticket number: 26153
  9. daits903
    Ticket number: 29934
  10. philw1949
    Ticket number: 33889


Eligibility: All Players must be aged 18+ and be from the UK.

Entry: Paid Entry or via our postal entry.

Draw Location: Facebook Live.

Terms: Click here for full terms and conditions.

Contact: hello@vortexcompetitions.com or via our Facebook Page.

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