6 Winners of £200 Vortex Cash


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Tickets Remaining: 3247

£200 Vortex Cash can get you an incredible amount of entries on some of the hottest comps going. You can win more than once, the more entries you have for this the more chance of winning.

Instant Wins

Instant prizes and winners

960£100 Vortex Cash
1920£100 Vortex Cash
2880£100 Vortex Cash
3840£100 Vortex Cash
4800£100 Vortex Cash


Eligibility: All Players must be aged 18+ and be from the UK.

Entry: Paid Entry or via our postal entry.

Draw Location: Facebook Live.

If you get the question wrong your ticket number will not be included

Terms: Click here for full terms and conditions.

Contact: help@vortexcompetitions.com or via our Facebook Page.


  1. Dylan Jones
    Ticket number: 422
    Answer: Cardiff
  2. Tony Cox
    Ticket number: 655
    Answer: Cardiff
  3. Lynn Evans
    Ticket number: 1046
    Answer: Cardiff
  4. Alyn Tamlin
    Ticket number: 2416
    Answer: Cardiff
  5. alicejenkins308
    Ticket number: 4073
    Answer: Cardiff
  6. Carmela Evans
    Ticket number: 4294
    Answer: Cardiff

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