£750 Wednesday Cash #3


per entry

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Tickets Remaining: 44

Instant Wins

Instant prizes and winners

235£50 Cash🏆 Alison Sheen
487£10 Vortex Cash🏆 tracy-garlick
735£20 Vortex Cash🏆 Danielle Morgan
978£20 Cash🏆 tanyamac28
1330£20 Vortex Cash🏆 ML
1460£10 Vortex Cash🏆 Shannon Bowen
1700£50 Cash🏆 shaunagolds23
1954£10 Vortex Cash🏆 dansam64
2200£10 Vortex Cash🏆 shaunagolds23
2435£100 Cash🏆 George Robertson
2670£20 Vortex Cash🏆 ceriauld
3000£10 Vortex Cash🏆 Claire Davies


Eligibility: All Players must be aged 18+ and be from the UK.

Entry: Paid Entry or via our postal entry.

Draw Location: Facebook Live.

If you get the question wrong your ticket number will not be included

Terms: Click here for full terms and conditions.

Contact: help@vortexcompetitions.com or via our Facebook Page.

Winner is: peterjnrodonnell

Ticket number: 2366 Answer: 31

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